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Herbalicious: Pure and Organic Solutions for Radiant Skin and Healthy Hair


Turning Point: It was when I (Farah) was going through postpartum depression that I wanted to do something to cope with it. I didn’t want to lose myself and was determined to come out victorious. That’s when I decided to take my business, which didn’t have a name then. I used to make hair oil and cream and distribute them among my small circle of WhatsApp group clients. Finally, during my pregnancy, I decided to turn this passion into a big brand. One evening, while my 4-month-old baby was feeding, the name “Herbalicious” came to mind. I discussed it with my husband/co-owner, who approved it, and thus Herbalicious was born.

Struggles and Obstacles: As a new first-time mom, I faced many challenges. Her feeding sessions disrupted my sleep patterns, and I got little to no sleep initially while building my brand. When my baby fed in my lap, I posted products and created content. Back in 2016, with no website, I handled all inquiries and orders myself through DMs and WhatsApp. I did everything from making products to photographing them, writing descriptions, packing, and closing sales, all while taking care of my newborn. It was magical how it all happened, and I am surprised at how I managed it all!
In 2020, our Instagram page with 59.6k organic followers was hacked. I cried as all my data and clients were there, but I picked myself up and started a new page. Most clients returned, but Instagram played with our follower count, not reflecting the actual growth.

Achievements: Proud recipient of many awards, including a Woman of Substance Award, a Women Entrepreneur Award, and many others. Numerous press mentions too.

Motivation and Goals: My motivation each day comes from seeing myself as a strong mother and a successful entrepreneur. My husband and daughter are my biggest cheerleaders and constant support system.
My goal is to become a worldwide known brand, serving the purity of my country globally and providing work opportunities to many women struggling like I was a few years ago.

We have the best natural and organic skincare in India, with over 4 lakh satisfied customers. Our products are 100% results-oriented and favorites of many celebrities and makeup artists. Our Hair Oil, Maharani Hair Oil, stops hair fall permanently and promotes healthy, shiny hair. Our Saffron Night Repair Cream, free from chemicals or steroids, repairs skin, treats acne, and helps with pigmentation for brighter, plump, hydrated, fresher, and younger-looking skin. We also offer the 24K Gold Elixir for age reversal and a range of products addressing all skin-related problems. Our collection includes skin prep products for flawless makeup, morning and night routines, and revolutionary serums like the 24K Gold Serum, Kumkumadi, Strawberry Silk Booster, Vitamin C Serum, Under Eye Gel, Lash and Eyebrow Growth Oil, a world-class home facial kit, and many more.

Connect with Us: For more information, visit our website or follow us on Instagram. You can also reach us at +91 98199 22201 or +91 98199 22287.

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