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Nilay Sharma: Shaping Digital Stories

In an era overflowing with content and fleeting attention spans, standing out as a storyteller is no easy task. Yet, Nilay Sharma, an artist with a B.Tech background, has managed to do just that by breaking away from conventional storytelling methods and creating his own unique path.

The Turning Point

Nilay’s storytelling journey took a significant turn during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world went into lockdown, he returned home and decided to pursue his passion for writing and directing movies in his distinct style, free from dependencies. This decision marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one filled with numerous challenges and remarkable success.

Struggles and Obstacles

Nilay’s initial struggle was to stand out in an increasingly crowded creative space. With so many producing innovative content on social media, capturing and maintaining an audience’s attention became a formidable challenge. The rise of short-form content further compounded this issue, reducing viewers’ attention spans and making it essential for storytellers to be engaging right from the start.

“It took a lot of trial and error to get to the format that I’m currently working with,” Nilay admits. Balancing the demands of consistent content creation with a full-time job was another significant hurdle. This delicate balancing act required immense dedication and perseverance.


Despite these challenges, Nilay’s hard work and unique approach have paid off. Within just three months of content creation, he garnered over 1.5 million views. His follower count soared to over 100,000 within eleven months, and to date, his content has accumulated more than 25 million public views. These achievements are a testament to his talent and the resonance of his storytelling style with a broad audience.

Motivation and Goals

Nilay’s ultimate goal is to become one of the best storytellers out there. He constantly pushes himself to create stories that feel both real and captivating. His vision extends beyond social media; he dreams of telling his stories on a larger scale, such as in movies or web series. This ambition drives him to continually refine his craft and seek new ways to engage and inspire his audience.

Connect with Nilay

To follow Nilay’s journey and stay updated with his latest content, you can find him on Instagram at @backpacknilay and on YouTube at @backpacknilay. For any inquiries, he can be reached via email at

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