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Playwise eSports

Join Playwise eSports: New Android App for Gamers Worldwide

Press Release, June 4, 2024, Jaipur

Playwise launches its brand new eSports app

Playwise eSports Pvt Ltd has announced the official release of its new eSports platform, now available for download on Android, with an iOS version coming soon. The platform received an overwhelmingly positive response during its beta launch, engaging over 15,000 players through over 150 scrims and 9 tournaments.

Playwise aims to unify the fragmented eSports community by offering a comprehensive social and competitive environment for athletes, professionals, and beginners. The platform features global leaderboards, which boost competitiveness and help in the discovery of players, brands, and professional teams. Additionally, Playwise provides a marketplace for gaming hardware and peripherals, ensuring users can access gamer-verified and recommended gear.

The platform also offers various rewards, including Play coins, Play store coupons, and discounts on food delivery platforms. Registered users can earn in-game assets and battle passes through simple activities.

Sunny Paliwal, the Founder-CEO and a professional eSports athlete with over 15 years of experience, highlighted the industry’s growth, citing its acceptance at the Olympics, Asian Games, and the existence of a World Cup. He attributed this growth to the availability of superior bandwidth, increased knowledge of eSports, and the rising online significance. Sunny emphasized the dedication of the Playwise team in overcoming challenges to develop a product that addresses many of the hurdles faced by the eSports industry in India. He expressed pride in creating a platform that offers significant career opportunities for athletes, coaches, trainers, and brands.

Despite the industry’s rapid growth, it faces challenges like limited regulatory frameworks and inconsistent rules, along with player burnout and inadequate mental health support. However, Playwise is committed to addressing these issues and fostering a sustainable eSports ecosystem.

Playwise eSports Pvt Ltd is a full-stack eSports company, leveraging the growth of video gaming and eSports to connect and engage fans and players. With the global eSports audience expected to reach 577 million by 2024, Playwise is well-positioned to bring maturity and structure to the market.

Registered in Jaipur, with representative offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Singapore, the bootstrapped company is currently raising funds to support its expansion.

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